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About Our Institution

We take great pride in providing parents and students with informed educational options, proactive support and a clear, thoughtful direction – based on a personal understanding of the student’s individual needs and aspirations.
An ever-growing number of options, intense competition and skyrocketing costs are now part of the educational equation, together with today’s compressed schedules. While the implications of an educational decision have always been enormous, the process has never been more challenging to manage. Our role is to help you navigate through the clutter, to a confident decision on your educational direction.

    Our Core Value
  • Honesty, Commitment, Transparency and Value Addition.
Our Vision

To be the leading Study Abroad Consultancy, to create success stories for our students, value additions to our partner institutions and all other stakeholders.

Our Mission

To provide customized solutions to students aspiring to study overseas and adequately represent our partners and stakeholders.

Our Objective

To provide comprehensive solutions for searching programs, identifying Institutions, improving language proficiency, facilitating applications, scholarships & funding, visa assistance, pre-departure preparations, accommodations and post-landing under the same roof.

Why Choose Our Institution?

Catering to students, working professionals, and companies, SC Groupe is a one-stop shop for overseas education and immigration consulting. You are assured of education counseling, examination training, college application guidance, career counseling, visa processing and immigration advisement et al.

Scholarship Facility

Grants, Full (with stipends) and Partial Scholaships available to our students.

Flight Reservations

Best Flight Deals are right here. Cheapest flight to all destinations frpm Economy to Business Class.

Best University

We present A-League schools with quality education.Foundation and Entrance to University available.


Hotel, Host Families and Hostel reservations are available across the world.